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How do I adjust my link strap?

Step 1: Insert the small needle tool supplied with your watch, into the hole on the side of the strap and push the pin out in the direction of the arrow (see arrows on the back of the strap). Using a small household hammer, tap lightly until the pin

How do I change my watch straps?

Customise your Abbott Lyon watch to be as unique as you.All 34 and 40 leather and chain straps are available here.Please note that alternative straps are not available for the Belgravia, Nueva or Maverick ranges.Our interchangeable straps couldn't be

How can I adjust my chain strap?

All Abbott Lyon chain strap watches can be adjusted to suit every unique individual.It's simple to tighten or loosen your watch strap, just follow the steps below;1. Insert your tool into the clasp gap (the hole in the middle of the clasp, on the top

How do I adjust my Nueva watch?

With your Nueva chronograph watch, you can not only change the date and time, but you can set the day and your 24 hour clock too!To keep your dates ticking over smoothly, never change the day and date between 9pm and 4am.Just use the uppermost button

How do I change the date and time?

It couldn't be easier to adjust the date and time on your Abbott Lyon watch.Always remove from your wrist before winding your watch, and follow the simple step by step guide below;1. Pull the crown out to adjust date (first click) or time (second cli